Q/A: How end-users like you influenced a new vent filter design
Q: What motivated Gore to create the sterilizing-grade vent filters?
photo comparing typical and GORE® filters
Typical 50 mm
Vent Filter
GORE® Vent Filter
Weight (nominal):
17–38 grams
Effective Filtration
Area (nominal): 20 cm2
Weight (nominal):
4.2 grams
Effective Filtration
Area (nominal): 5.4 cm2
A: Talking to the end-users of conventional 50 mm vent filters, we started hearing a common theme within labs and production facilities. That theme centered around two problems: first the tubing kinking that contributed to airflow cutoff, and second the bucket of problems related to the size of the vent filter.
As end-users elaborated on their laboratory and production environment, we found they made several attempts to create makeshift solutions to address these problems on their own—wire, cable ties, tape—anything to keep things running. We realized there was a much more elegant solution at hand to solve these problems.
Q: How did Gore develop such a unique vent filter?
A: Based on our ability to make an innovative ePTFE membrane that s sterilizing grade with exceptionally high flow rates, we were able to take these traditional 50mm vent filters and essentially miniaturize them to a fraction of the size and weight to address these problems—without giving up performance.
Q: What will it take to get my facility up and running?
A: To facilitate adoption of the newer vent filters in your lab, pilot scale or GMP production areas, samples and a comprehensive validation guide are available for evaluation.